General Patton Rescues the Horses

"General Patton Rescues the Horses" is told by a rescued Polish Arabian stallion, Witez II.


Witez II, one of the most outstanding and magnificent Polish Arabian stallions ever, tells the true story of how General George S. Patton and Colonel Charles H. Reed saved hundreds of noble horses from being slaughtered and eaten by the Russian Red Army near the end of the Second World War. Witez II actually lived the story, who better to tell it.


Gen. Patton and Col. Reed, both avid lifelong horse lovers, combined talents to capture and rescue the best-of-the-best breeding stock the Third Reich had gathered at Hostau Stud Farm in Czechoslovakia 1936-45, including hundreds of Lipizzans and Arabians.

For horse lovers, this story is epic and could have been devastating for both breeds had it played out differently.


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Me and Chief

"ME and CHIEF" is about the last 20 years of Sitting Bullís life, as told by his horse, Blackie.


Based on true historical events, this novel covers the years 1870-1890. During these years as Chief and Holy Man of the Lakota Sioux, Sitting Bull fought for, advised, counseled and represented his people, trying to enable them to live free on the northern plains as they had always done, all while the government declared them 'hostiles' and sent military to round them up and contain them to living on designated reservations.


Sitting Bull and Blackie were involved in the Battle on the Rosebud, present during Custer's defeat, fled to Canada, surrendered to the U.S. military, took part in Buffalo Billís Wild West shows, and raised horses from his home on the Grand River in South Dakota until his untimely murder.


"ME and CHIEF" is available as a Kindle ebook at, as a trade paperback from online booksellers, or from this website. "ME and CHIEF" is available in large print as well.


Top-left: Sitting Bull's War Ponies, Bloated Jaw and Blackie, Leslie Zantow,








Cowgirl Country

Cowgirl Country"Cowgirl Country" is a contemporary novel based on a true story. A divorced, fortyish, business woman fulfills her lifelong dreams by working as a horse wrangler and trail guide at a dude ranch in Wyoming.


Her adventures take her from rodeos, endurance races, and pack trips over the Continental Divide into Yellowstone National Park to training wild mustangs in Montana and wrangling horse-pack trips into the Shoshone-Teton National Forests.


This book is an enjoyable read for any horse lover or fan of the west.








The Dayes of Wyoming

"The Dayes of Wyoming" is an historical novel featuring horse trainer, Bertha, and mountain man, Charlie Daye. The stories take place during the late 1800s to early 1900s in northern Wyoming, from Johnson County, east of the Bighorns, to Yellowstone, west of the Continental Divide.

This was an exciting time of change in Wyoming: Wyoming Territory was admitted into the Union; the end of the trappers' rendezvous precipitated a decline in the fur trade and mountain men; Wyoming's Civil War took place east of the Bighorns in Johnson County; with Yellowstone recently declared a national park, Cody became a thriving community as its eastern entrance; and work began on the Shoshone Dam, later known as the Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir. Hundreds of thousands of bison no longer dotted the Wyoming landscape and their disappearance was soon followed by the extinction of wolves and severely diminished herds of wild mustangs.

Bertha and Charlie Daye experienced it all, and more . . . from guiding eastern guests into remote mountain paradise, rounding up wild horses, and riding in thrilling overland horse races, to adopting children traveling west on one of the famous Orphan Trains

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The Dayes of Wyoming


Author Patricia Gott and Sani


From her home outside a small town in Maine, Patricia seeks out life experiences that have taken her to five continents and forty-seven states. She was a ranch wrangler and trail guide for four summers in Wyoming, thus her obvious familiarity and love of Wyoming, which is the setting of her western stories. She started riding at the age of eight and has owned, raised, and trained horses ever since, accounting for her knowledge and experience with horses as detailed in her cowgirl books and children's horse stories.


Ms. Gott is a retired businesswoman and professional photographer as well as an author of thirteen books. Enjoy reading about her books and looking at some of her great photography on this website!


You may contact Patricia at


Horse Tails by
									   Appaloosa Duke"Horse Tails by Appaloosa Duke" is a chapter book that tells a story about bullying, released in July, 2013, by author Patricia Gott.


Appaloosa Duke is a horse story about bullying. Duke tells of his own life having to deal with stress and sadness at being bullied and teased from the time he was a foal in Idaho to being trained as a trail horse in Wyoming. Other horses could never see beyond his unusual dotted, spotted coat pattern and treated him harshly.


Many thanks to Milton Decker for his helpful and vast knowledge of Appaloosa traits, characteristics and their history, as well as the cover photo. Visit Decker's Red Eagle Appaloosas at



Horse Tails by
									   Shiloh ...Enters a Horse Show ...Goes Camping"Horse Tails by Shiloh ...Enters a Horse Show ...Goes Camping" is a children's chapter book released in 2014, by author Patricia Gott, and comes right from this horse's mouth!


Shiloh is a small chestnut Arabian horse owned by the author. His background is Endurance and Competitive Trail Riding, but he enters the show arena with a whole lot of training and learning along the way! This book follows Shiloh every step of the way from grooming to working with different tack to maintaining one's composure under new and strange circumstances. Shiloh's experiences will aid and inform young riders how to prepare and compete in a horse show.


Shiloh then goes off exploring in the mountains on a 3-day pack trip, which gets exciting in a couple of places!


Both stories are based on the author's personal experiences.



Horse Tails by
									   Horses in Harness"Horse Tails by Horses in Harness" is a colorfully illustrated children's book, released in August, 2012, by author Patricia Gott. Cover and interior illustrations are by Jewel L. Clark.


A young colt named Clyde has just separated from his mum who had told him he'd be a working harness horse some day. He wonders what kind of horse he is and what he will be doing in harness. He interviews many various breeds of horses of all sizes, shapes, and colors, trying to find out what he will be like when he grows up.


This book is instructional as well as entertaining, especially for young horse-lovers.



Horse Tails by
									   Famous FredAuthor and her Arabian horse, Sani, reading her book Horse Tails by Famous Fred"Horse Tails by Famous Fred" is a chapter book for twelve year olds and over, released late 2011 by author Patricia Gott, with cover and interior photographs of Fred throughout his life. It is also available on Kindle at


Fred was not famous for what he did; Fred was famous for who he was—a horse with a kind and gentle spirit who was loved by entire neighborhoods and towns in northeast Massachusetts and who showed his appreciation everyday for being rescued and given a second chance at life.


Fred's story is a true story and is sure to warm the hearts of horse lovers young and old...and sometimes, even horses!